Quantity Discount Save 10% on 4 or more soaps. Save 15% on 8 or more soaps.
Quantity Discount Save 10% on 4 or more soaps. Save 15% on 8 or more soaps.

About Us

Pictured From Left To RIght:
Jake M., Bradley R., Jake B.

The Mission

Cleaning off the cultural grime that emasculates men…

…by commissioning our gender to new heights of valor, respect, and brotherhood.

The big guy in the middle-that’s me, Bradley. If you are into cigars, you might know who I am from Youtube. The guy to my left is Jake. The guy to my right is Jake. The two Jakes are young entrepreneurs who own several businesses together. They would often come over to my cigar shop and talk about their businesses and life. You know typical guy chat.

One day we start talking about culture and how much of what men deal with today is emasculating them. Our discontent turned into dreaming about creating a company that would produce products for men, by men, who are unashamed to be men.

Unapologetically masculine. This is our battle cry.

Our dreams eventually lead us to start this company where we sell premium handmade soap for men.

This is only the beginning…stay tuned as we grow!!!

The Team

Bradley Reith


Facts: Pastored for 20 years. Then worked in both the corporate world and auto world for some time before becoming one of the most viewed cigar reviewers on Youtube today.

Family: Married over 25 years. 3 Kids, 2 dogs.

Drives: 2000 GMC Denali (aka: The Battle Wagon) and rides a 2008 Suzuki M109R

Foods: Italian, Mexican, and American

Drinks: Bourbon, dark Stouts, and coffee.

Interests: Off-Roading, shooting, church, and of course cigars.

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Jake Brown

Operations Director

Facts: Voted most likely to win a cornhole tournament. Jake Morrow’s best friend. Camping extraordinaire-ish

Family: Married 4 years, 2 Dogs, 1 Cat, and 24 Fish.

Drives: 2020 Dodge Ram Diesel (Pavement Princess) and rides a 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan VN2000

Food: Anything smoked!!!!!

Drinks: Bang Energy and chocolate milk.

Interests: Off-Roading, camping, shooting, cigars, and family.

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Jake Morrow


Facts: Voted most likely to steal your soap.

Family: Single, 1 Dog.

Drives: 2019 Nissan Titan, and rides 2005 Triumph Rocket 3.

Foods: Fast, steak, pizza, BBQ, wings.

Drinks: Bourbon, beer, scotch, Guinness and lite beer.

Interests: Motorcycles, guns, bourbon, and family.

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Joshua Herbison

Chief Technology Officer

Facts: Software Developer for 30+ years.

Family: Married, 5 children (1 boy and 4 girls), 2 dogs and a cat.

Drives: 2022 Ford F-150 and rides a 2019 HD Street Glide Special.

Foods: Salad, fruit and more salad

Drinks: Mike’s Hard Lemonade and tequila.

Interests: Motorcycles, tech, family, cigars and fitness.

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